Admissions Process

To officially enroll at any time:

  1. Fill out your LCU Student Application, and;
  2. Pay the $50 application fee using a credit/debit card.

This fee covers your application processing and academic assessment.
Such an assessment determines your academic standing and can be completed only after all your supporting documentation has been submitted.
After you have successfully submitted your application, the landing page will give you detailed instructions on how to proceed.

NOTE: To receive college credit, you must provide proof of high school graduation (or equivalency) or a transcript from an accredited college or university.

Applicants entering a Christian degree program must have either:

  • Earned a diploma from an accredited high school;
  • Passed the General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) test;
  • Can document an equivalent education, or;
  • Attended college and have already provided proof of high school graduation.
    NOTE: Students who do not have proof of high school graduation will be enrolled in a certificate program until such time as they can provide such documentation.

High school seniors who have not yet graduated from high school may be dually enrolled at LCU while in their senior year. Credits earned will be held in reserve in a Bible institute program until the student graduates from high school. Upon presenting proof of high school graduation, the completed courses will be converted to college credit and any appropriate degrees will be issued.

Master’s Degree
Theology candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree with a theological major from a recognized college or university (leveling courses may be required). If the bachelor’s degree is in an unrelated field, sixty (60) credit-hours of biblical foundation courses are required before starting at the master’s level.

Doctor of Ministry
To enter the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program, a student must have earned a Master’s Degree with a theological major from a recognized college or university (leveling courses may be required).

Doctor of Philosophy
To enter the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program, the student must have completed one of LCU’s 45-credit-hour D.Min. programs and have completed a minimum of 10 years in full-time ministry.